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    • Last updated April 20, 2015
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New Features and Tools

Posted By 11th Department     April 20, 2015    

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Posted by 11th Department April 9, 2015

Dear Valued Members,

Our team has been working very hard to bring you the very best platform for Professional Haitians and Organizations.

We've already added tools to help with Petitions and Fundraising. We've added features for our Documents repository so you can read them online, as well as to email, share, print, etc. We've added extended features to Groups and Events. Soon, we're adding a "Verification" tool for Members' Profiles, and integration with Facebook so you can easily share with your friends. You'll also be able to search better so you can find things faster.

Coming up too are unique Articles, not found anywhere else, that will be published on the 11th Department about members of the Diaspora and Friends of Haiti. Stay tune and log in often so you don't miss anything important. And do share with your friends and contacts; invite them to join you here on the

To help provide you with excellent service on the 11th Department, please consider upgrading your account to an Advocate or Ambassador level. If you have an organization, then upgrade to a Business or Non-Profit account. You'll enjoy wider access to the tools available on the site, as well as greater benefits.

Thank you for your collaboration, partnership, and support.

Marcel Wah
CEO & Founder