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    • Last updated September 23, 2015
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SOS production

Posted By Wilfrid Mésadieu     September 23, 2015    

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The Haitian agricultural sector suffers production shortfalls due in part to drought and lack of investment. So it is necessary to find new alternatives.

The objective of American Continental 2000 (AMECON 2000) is to strengthen sectors generating food and creating income to help poverty eradication.

 AMECON 2000 is an organization that wants to transform the poverty stricken communities to help them become entrepreneurs. Our first partners are the people for whom we built a village of 40 houses. Then we work with the farmers in each household.

We have identified three main sectors: poultry farming, fish farming, and processing moringa

We started with the simpler and faster producing sectors such as poultry including chickens, guinea fowl and turkeys (pictured right).

We develop family production units in a modern scheme tending towards economic growth: We can intensify production, while taking care of the animals. By involving farmers in the process, we offer high quality products to consumers. And together we make money.

Since the physical infrastructure already exist (Poultry houses, drinkers, feeders, truck, lands) to produce 1,000 chickens it costs a total of US $3,500. At the sale, the 1,000 chickens will return US $4,150. Which will give a profit of US $1,050 per band (1 band = 1,000 chickens). This project can scale up to 10,000 chickens.


Guinea Fowl Farm

Designing for scale from the very beginning has been a central focus of our enterprise, with a view toward reaching not just thousands or even millions of poor people but hundreds of millions. For us, scale is not mysterious but fundamentally a mechanical process.


-          We begin with a pilot project in some families, some villages. With success, we will roll out to 200 families, than 600 families, and later to 10,000 and more building on what we learn as we go. We are designing a profitable and sustainable working system, not simply products and services.

-          20 farm of guinea fowl in the Central Plateau

-          10 farms of chickens in Croix des bouquets

-          A restaurant to offer local produce


We create a dynamic market that is defined as farmers produce animal bands of 1000 units, once ready for consumption we sell high quantity produce for individual consumption and another amount goes to a meat processing distributor to be consumed in our restaurants as a local product.

The restaurant is for the supply of local products in order to help the population to consume local products. This will contribute to the improvement of the overall nutrition of the population.

The project is designed to allow Haitians involved in agriculture to buy or sell agricultural products, processed products or services in order to facilitate transactions as a sustainable agribusiness with the use of new mobile technologies via connecting mechanism that allows customers, beneficiaries and the organization to make transactions like request a "link" / connect with reviews another (WhatsApp, Facebook, SMS).

 We want to increase the impact and our reach by increasing our production capacity. To do so we ask for help from the Diaspora community. There are a number of ways to help as we continue to grow. There is even the potential for a return on your investment in American Continental 2000. For more information please contact us by emailing:


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    11th Department  · February 20, 2016
    This individual has been banned from the for fraud.
  • Wilfrid Mésadieu
    Wilfrid Mésadieu  · September 25, 2015
    For your information, there was a calculation error. Instead of US $ 4,150 of net income to sales, rather it is 4550 dollars. Thanks for your attention. So, since the physical infrastructure already exist (Poultry houses, drinkers, feeders, truck, lands)...  more