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How Haiti can use this transitional period to prevent another Transition?

Posted By 11th Department     February 20, 2016    

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The below message was shared by Joseph Alfred via email announcement:

We are here today because there was no provision in the constitution for a transfer of power! To prevent another reoccurrence, it will be in Haiti best interest for the Haitian leaders to work together and compromise among themselves and expand the length and the mission of this provisional government to put in place a Constitutional Commission to write a new constitution. Otherwise, we are running the risk of another repetition at any given moment!

In the new constitution, the President, the Parliament and the judicial system should not play any role in the formation of the CEP!

The CEP is not above the judicial system! Candidates and voters alike shall have the right to file lawsuit against the CEP and the decision of the judge must be implemented.
A total Decentralization!

Each Department will set the date to organize its primary and the best two candidates will go on to the general election.

In the new constitution, there is no need for the president to call the nation to go to vote, it shall be automatic.

All Haitian Nationals living in Haiti and anywhere else shall be able to vote in all elections.

All Haitian Nationals shall file a National Income Tax! 1% of the National income tax shall be used to finance National election. We cannot rely on outsiders to finance our election! ELECTION is a local matter, it should be financed exclusively by the Haitian people.

There was a bribery allegation during the election, it should be investigated! Ballot boxes were filled! If no action is taken against the trouble makers, they will continue to do the same thing over and over.

We call upon the new government to rescind all degrees taken by the previous government when the parliament was not in session. ALL decrees must be struck down and this shall be a deterrent to any future government …

There is no justifying reason to rush in organizing an election without first fixing what led us to this situation!

Also, it would be great for the Haitian Diaspora to vote in electing the new President. The Diaspora was excluded on purpose. ((There was no provision in the electoral law to include the Diaspora! Oops! There was no provision in the electoral law to appoint an electoral council; however, the former president appointed an electoral council))

The election for a new president shall be inclusive! The Haitian Diaspora shall be able to vote like the American Diaspora! ((The Haitian firms have the ability and the capacity to make the ballot! We cannot accept the notion that the state of Haiti is purchasing voting ballot from a country that does not organize election! Enough is enough!

"If you judge people, you have no time to love them." Mother Teresa , Indian (Albanian-born) humanitarian & missionary (1910 - 1997)

Joseph Alfred
Washington, DC