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    • Last updated December 15, 2014
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I challenge you...

Posted By Fritz Gerald Salomon     December 15, 2014    

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It could be argued that we need more Haitian Diaspora and friends of Haiti to sign up and log in to this website more often and more than just a succinct visit. There are approximately if not more than two millions of Haitians living in the United States, Canada, France, to name a few; how is it possible that only about 0.001% have signed up and become active members? We need to increase the percentage of Haitian and friends of Haiti that could potentially contribute in serious changes in Haiti. It should be reminded that one of 11th Department's main goals is to connect Haitians and friends of Haiti.

Here's the CHALLENGE:

Before January 1, 2015 we must increasethe number of Haitian Diaspora and friends of Haitian to at least 10000 members who will exchange ideas and participate in productive discussions. If each member invites 5 to 10 friends or family members we will meet this goal. More members means a better chance to communite our goals for Haiti and great chance to come up with much needed executable projects.