Special Projects

Ann Fe Sa Ansanm

Crowdfunding for A Better and Prosperous Haiti

Ann Fe Sa Ansanm Platform - 8% fee

This fee covers the following:

  • Payment Processing 2.9% (charged by credit card processors)
  • Administrative Fee 1% (for regular update of the crowdfunding platform)
  • Money Transfer Fee 1% (for the transfer of funds to Project Owners)
  • Diaspora Fund - 3.1% (for 11th Department members to collectively decide on Haiti projects, such as, education, health, et.)

Why use Ann Fe Sa Ansanm?

By driving your OWN audience to 11thDepartment.com, one day we can say that we have 250K, 500K, 1 Million Diaspora that we can all talk with!

By collecting all Diaspora efforts under a BRAND like "An Fe Sa Ansanm", both emergencies and planned programs can LAND in specific regions and towns in Haiti.

After Administrative Fees are covered, 11thDepartment.com and AnnFeSaAnsanm will direct its surplus toward Education or Restoration efforts VOTED by participants.

Get Started Now!

11thDepartment and AnnFeSaAnsanm invite all Diaspora Organizations to build the Social Community so we can all benefit.

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