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  • Type: Members
  • Item: Eddy Lahens
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  • Deadline: February 5, 2017 5:00 AM EST
  • Category: Criminal Justice
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    Elected, certified Senator Guy Phillippe was taken at gunpoint, handed to DEA agents for immediate transport to the US.
    This petition is to: 1. Refute the rights of the DEA as an agent of Justice from a Foreign Country to take into custody an elected...  more

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  • Created By: Eddy Lahens
  • Posted: January 5, 2017
  • Updated: January 6, 2017
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In a world of Democratic Governance and Sovereignty of Nation, an Elected Official should be put in front of the Court of His/Her Peers with Due Process, before getting arrested / transported by a Foreign Police to a US Court.

Without passing Judgement on the merits of the Charges brought against Senator-elect Guy Philippe 12 Years ago, a foreign authority such as the Drug Enforcement Agency of the United States should not be allowed to use the local executive forces to ursup the liberty of an Elected official.

The Petition is to:

 1. Request a Review of the Protocol  of the Arrest.

 2. Release the Senator to His Peers for Local Due Process.

 3. Revise International Agreement between Countries as to not Subjugate the rights of Local Elected Officials. The Laws of Justice of the United States can be applied in due time before or after the Elected Official is in function.